Recovery Lounge Facilities

Sundance 7 Seater Therapeutic Hot Spa

Our hydrotherapy spa provides the relaxation and nourishing rejuvenation that the human body craves and immensely benefits from. Use this spa to warm up after a cold water recovery session or purely to relax and unwind after a busy days training.

Cyrotherapy Pool

Our purpose built ice bath can be set as low as 5 degrees however the latest reasearch suggests that a temperature closer to 15 degrees will allow athletes to submerge themselves below shoulders for between 5- 10 minutes. If this is too hard to handle a contrast of hot and cold for shorter periods will ensure this important part of recovery is not missed.

Normatec MVP Compression Boots & Arm Sleeves

The Lounge is equipped with three Normatec Pro Recovery Systems. These inflating boots & arm sleeves offer individual customizable programmability & premium performance recovery . The Normatec Recovery gear uses Sequential Pulse Technology based on normal physiology, & it synergistically combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process. Enjoy a full leg or arm recovery flush or set a targerted zone to focus on particlar probem areas. We also carry one pair of the Recovery Pump Compression boots offering full leg recovery flush & can be used on a drop in basis.

Drink Station with Communal Area

Enjoy a complimentary hot or cold drink while in the Recovery Lounge facility. Read a magazine, catch up on email, or socialize with other like minded athletes.

Cold Rollers

Athlete Recovery Lounge has 4 x Cold Rollers available to all members.

Myofascial Release and Cold Compression

• Best, most effective recovery process
• Targets only muscles with cold compression maximizing recovery
• Speeds recovery and results
• Reduces rolling time with greatest rate of retur

Additional Onsite Services

WI FI is available to be used in the communal area or while completing a recovery session on our 4 recliner leather entertainment suite. The lounge also includes a 32 inch flat screen TV, bag storage, changing room and use of Grid foam roller, 6 yoga mats and massage sticks. Onsite toilets and shower are also available.

SportsLab Physio & Massage also available by appointment.

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